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Retail Update - powered by LebensmittelZeitung
Thursday, 31 March 2016

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E-commerce rules have changed in India opening the door to foreign-owned marketplaces, German Metro plans to split its business into two parts, and Amazon is set to open a seventh distribution centre in California. Have a great day, and don’t forget to share.

asia & australia
Encouraging e-commerce   India’s government has set the rules for online marketplaces, and they can now be 100% foreign owned. This announcement is expected to encourage many other players and also force companies such as Flipkart and Amazon to reduce the dominance of some of their sellers. ▪
Final days for Dick Smith   The Australian electronic goods retail chain, which went into receivership in January, will shut its doors for the final time by April 30. Its former manager Jeremy Senior has been appointed director of home appliances at Samsung Australia. ▪
Ups & downs in Asia   Philippines department store Robinsons has reported a whopping 21.9% jump in net income for 2015, while retail sales in South Korea slumped in February by 1.9% following a 9% increase in January. ▪
Metro wants to split   The German retail and wholesale group’s management board have announced plans to separate its wholesale and food business from its consumer electronics business. Shareholders welcome the move; however, a final decision has not been made yet. ▪
Beverage decisions   Refresco Gerber, a leading European bottler of soft drinks, has announced it will acquire 100% of local drinks manufacturer DIS +++ Lucozade, the umbrella name for a series of energy drinks, has responded to the newly announced sugar tax agenda and launched a new low-calorie range. ▪
Rising the wages    Britain’s low-wage workers are getting a raise; on April 1, the legal minimum hourly wage will increase to GBP 7.20. Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has pleased employees by announcing it will do better and pay its UK workers a minimum of GBP 8.25 nationally and GBP 9.40 in London. ▪
Waitrose opens cashless store  The British supermarket operator is set to become UK's first supermarket to operate a cashless system with the introduction of its new store in Sky TV's flaship head office. Purchases can be made with card or mobile devices. ▪
 usa & canada
Another centre for Amazon   The e-commerce giant is set to open a seventh distribution centre in California. The 1.1 million-square-foot site is located in San Bernardino. Over in Europe, Luxembourg-based GLL Hana Private Real Estate (paywall) wants to take over the Amazon logistics centre in Poznań. ▪
Senior appointments   Teen clothing retailer American Apparel has named Paul Charron, ex-chief executive of handbag retailer Liz Claiborne Inc., as chairman of its board +++ Neil Rossy will take over as CEO of Dollarama from his father, Larry Rossy. Rossy senior will continue as executive chairman. ▪
Macy’s bosses get pay cut   Following poor results in 2015, the CEO and other senior executive of the department store chain have had their bonuses cut. CEO, Terry Lundgren’s total compensation dropped by 29%. ▪
developments to watch
Tainted food cans   Just after Campbell Soup, one of the largest soup makers has announced it will remove BPA resins from its cans. A new study has discovered the majority of food cans in main Canadian retail stores contain this chemical linked to health concerns. ▪

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