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Another day, another Aldi story, or stories in this case. While unveiling new store formats in Australia and roll-outs in California, the German powerhouse still picks up pace in the UK. On another note, it's 'Back to the Future day' today, especially marked by some global players. Enjoy the read and spread the word. RetailUpdate subscription remains FREE.

asia & australia
Aldi rocks from Australia to America   For the first time in 14 years, the German discounter is experimenting with a flashier store format as it expands in Eastern Australia. Over in Great Britain, Aldi has again accelerated its growth and in California, the retail giant is set to open 45 stores by July 2016. ▪
Lotte grows in Vietnam   The South Korean hypermarket company plans to open 50 new supermarkets by 2020 with its Vietnam subsidiary, which currently operates just 11 outlets. ▪
Yum Brands separates in China   The fast-food company, owner of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC, plans to split off its China business after years of unsuccessful efforts to get it back on track. Official figures show that China's economy is growing at the slowest pace since the beginning of the century. ▪
Nestlé launches Indian comeback   The Swiss food company started increasing spending on television commercials, setting the ground for the relaunch of its Maggi brand. Two Indian states have already announced that the popular noodles can be sold again. ▪
Edeka takes to social media    The German supermarket giant opened an official Instagram channel and has revealed that it will be posting images that "should inspire the desire for good food" several times a week, with extra information about the products. ▪
Fyffes and Spar invest abroad   Dutch retail chain Spar International has revealed that it has opened its first store in Cameroon and plans to further grow its presence in Africa. Meanwhile, Irish produce company Fyffes has announced a US$ 45 million investment for its Central American operations. ▪
Expectations and revelations   Sainsbury's increased revenues by 1.1% in the 12 weeks ending 11 October, but its market share remains static. Meanwhile, UK wholesaler Booker expects that its recently acquired Budgens and Londis businesses will contribute GBP 3 million to its full-year figures. ▪
usa & canada
Target targets online customers    In a bid to revitalise its technology infrastructure and become more self-reliant in IT, the US retailer has adopted the DevOps software development strategy. Approaching its consumers digitally, Target has launched a YouTube interactive video series for Halloween this year. ▪
Amazon on hiring spree   The online behemoth plans to employ 100,000 people for the holiday season, a 25% jump from last year, to meet an increase in customer demand. Just recently, the company hired more than 25,000 people for regular, full-time positions. ▪
Subway to eliminate antibiotics   The US sandwich chain plans to switch to meat raised without antibiotics, starting with chicken in May 2016, followed by turkey, with the transition expected to be complete within two to three years. ▪
envisioning the future
Celebrating 'Back to the Future' day   According to the iconic time-bending 1980s series, today we would be living in a world of wearable technology, drones and flying cars. Check out right and wrong predictions. Global companies such as Amazon and Pepsi are set to mark the day with special offers. ▪
More apps for shoppers   Apparel company Tommy Hilfiger offers virtual reality in its stores. The concept was created in collaboration with a Dutch start-up. Meanwhile, Portuguese hypermarket chain Continente has launched an app that aims to replicate a store and provide shopping at the touch of a button. ▪
No life without a smartphone   Mobile devices are becoming the norm for every facet of consumers’ lives according to a new infographic from DirectBuy. 29% of US adults describe their smartphone as something they can’t live without. ▪

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